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Apple employee who demands to remain anonymous

Sept. 17, 2014

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This better be a fucking joke/rumor.

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Apple holds a patent which mentions that its technology could have applications for law enforcement and government security. For example, the patent description notes that covert ‘police or government operations may require complete ‘blackout’ conditions’.

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This little tidbit sold me on the Galaxy over the iPhone for my next phone since I’m due for an upgrade.

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If true, this is horrifying.

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Well, I guess I won’t be updating my iphone anytime soon…

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Welp time to get rid of my iPhone.

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With iOS 8 law enforcement can now control your phone and prevent you from taking photos, videos and recordings of officers when they are near. The apps will be disabled within a certain radius. Capturing any police brutality is now prohibited.

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arent parents supposed to not make you feel like shit 

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